Bitcoin Mining Boom: Bitdeer’s Surge Fueled by Institutional Investment

In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin mining is proving to be a highly profitable venture, attracting increased attention from institutional investors eyeing substantial returns. As of August, major financial powerhouses such as BlackRock, First Trust Advisors, and Credit Suisse Asset Management have bolstered their positions in Bitdeer, a prominent cryptocurrency mining service provider. This surge in institutional interest reflects the growing significance of Bitcoin mining enterprises, reshaping the landscape of digital asset investments.

Bitcoin Mining Boom: Bitdeer's Surge Fueled by Institutional Investment

The Ascendance of Bitcoin Mining Companies

Bitcoin mining firms have experienced a remarkable uptick in stock prices throughout the year, surpassing the ascent of Bitcoin itself. According to the latest equity disclosure data from Futo, as of August 31, three institutional investors have increased their holdings in Bitdeer:

  • 1. BlackRock, the U.S. asset management giant, now possesses 99,810 shares of BTDR.
  • 2. First Trust Advisors L.P., a European fund, holds 46,680 shares of BTDR.
  • 3. Credit Suisse Asset Management, a Swiss financial institution, owns 13,850 shares of BTDR.

BlackRock’s Impact in the Cryptocurrency Sector:

BlackRock’s substantial investments extend beyond Bitdeer, positioning the firm as the second-largest shareholder in four of the world’s largest Bitcoin mining companies, including Riot Blockchain, Marathon Digital, Cipher Mining, and Terawulf. The financial prowess of BlackRock has sparked both optimism regarding Bitcoin’s long-term bullish trajectory and concerns about potential market manipulation within the crypto community.

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Bitcoin Trusted Mining: Bitdeer’s Stock Performance

Bitdeer’s stock (BTDR) has witnessed an impressive surge, surging over 25% in the past five days, reaching $13.58 per share and approaching its historical peak. The company’s successful merger with the Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) Blue Safari, followed by its listing on Nasdaq in April, has garnered significant attention from institutional investors.

Bitdeer's Stock Performance

Expanded Institutional Support

As of September 30, an additional 14 institutions, including the Swiss National Bank, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, and Bank of America, have joined Bitdeer’s shareholder roster, collectively acquiring 258,806 shares of BTDR. Notably, Credit Suisse led the way with the purchase of 62,688 shares.

BlackRock’s Notable Increase in BTDR Holdings

In just one month, BlackRock’s holdings in BTDR have quadrupled, rising from 99,810 shares on August 31 to an impressive 256,033 shares by September 30. This substantial increase underscores BlackRock’s growing confidence in Bitdeer’s future prospects.

Bitdeer’s Strategic Partnership with NVIDIA

Bitdeer’s positive developments extend beyond institutional investments. On November 10, the company announced its collaboration with chip giant NVIDIA, becoming the preferred Cloud Service Provider (CSP) in NVIDIA’s partner network. Bitdeer AI Cloud, powered by NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD and DGX H100 systems, aims to accelerate AI and large language model (LLM) development in the Asian region.

Bitdeer in ETFs

Bitdeer has also found a place in the investment portfolios of prominent ETFs. VanEck’s Crypto and Blockchain Innovators UCITS ETF, launched in April 2021, features Bitdeer as its second-largest component with a weight of 8.13%, highlighting the fund’s emphasis on exposure to the mining industry.


As Bitcoin mining enterprises like Bitdeer continue to attract institutional investments and form strategic partnerships, the cryptocurrency landscape is evolving rapidly. The influx of capital from major players like BlackRock signifies a paradigm shift in digital asset investments, heralding a new era in the cryptocurrency mining sector. The long-term impact of these developments remains under observation, as the crypto market matures and adapts to the influence of institutional players.

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