BlockFi Emerges from Bankruptcy: Announces Open Withdrawals

The crypto world has its own share of dramatic narratives, and the BlockFi saga is no exception. At the end of 2022, the popular cryptocurrency lending platform found itself facing bankruptcy, with a series of events indirectly connected to the collapse of FTX (More). Fast forward to today, and BlockFi has successfully navigated its way out of bankruptcy, bringing exciting news to its users. In this article, we’ll explore the sequence of events that led to BlockFi’s financial turmoil, the role played by FTX, and the recent announcement of open withdrawals for BlockFi users.

BlockFi Emerges from Bankruptcy: Announces Open Withdrawals

The Ripple Effect: FTX and BlockFi

The story begins with FTX, a prominent player in the crypto exchange market. While FTX was not directly related to BlockFi’s financial challenges, its own struggles indirectly impacted BlockFi’s stability. The genesis of this connection can be traced back to the collapse of TerraUSD, an event that sent shockwaves throughout the crypto space.

BlockFi, along with numerous other crypto platforms, faced the turbulence that followed TerraUSD’s downfall. The situation became increasingly dire, and BlockFi was one of the first major platforms to find itself on the brink of bankruptcy during the crypto winter of 2022.

FTX’s Temporary Rescue

In a twist of fate, FTX emerged as a temporary savior for BlockFi. FTX extended a lifeline to BlockFi by offering the beleaguered crypto lending platform a substantial $400 million line of credit. This infusion of capital allowed BlockFi to stave off immediate collapse, providing a brief respite from the financial storm.

However, the relief provided by FTX was short-lived. FTX, despite its intentions to support BlockFi, encountered its own set of issues. The downfall of FTX can be attributed to a series of questionable decisions made by its founders and their unconventional accounting practices. FTX’s troubles, in turn, compounded the challenges in the crypto ecosystem.

BlockFi's Journey from Bankruptcy to Recovery: trace back to invest FTX stablecoin

BlockFi’s Journey from Bankruptcy to Recovery

Now, in October 2023, BlockFi has successfully emerged from the shadows of bankruptcy. The company’s remarkable recovery marks a significant turning point for both BlockFi and the broader crypto lending industry. BlockFi’s resilience and determination have played a crucial role in this resurgence.

One of the key developments in this phase is the reopening of withdrawal options for users. BlockFi users based in the United States had the opportunity to initiate withdrawals as early as May 2023, following approval by the New Jersey bankruptcy court. However, international users of the platform faced restrictions on withdrawing their funds until BlockFi’s bankruptcy plan received approval.

Open Withdrawals for All Users on BlockFi

With the court’s approval obtained roughly a month ago, BlockFi initiated the process of repaying international wallet users. This marks a significant step in restoring access to funds for users around the world, further signaling BlockFi’s commitment to inclusivity.

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What’s Next for BlockFi Users?

For BlockFi users, especially those with Loan and BlockFi Interest Accounts (BIA), there is more to look forward to. BlockFi plans to provide updates to these account holders in the coming months, outlining the process for withdrawing a portion of their funds. The availability of these withdrawals is facilitated by BlockFi’s ongoing recovery process.

The extent of withdrawals and further distributions will depend on the success of BlockFi’s legal actions against entities like FTX and 3AC. The company is dedicated to ensuring that BIA holders receive a fair and transparent compensation for their assets.


BlockFi’s journey from bankruptcy to recovery is a compelling narrative in the world of crypto. While FTX indirectly contributed to BlockFi’s financial challenges, BlockFi’s remarkable resurgence showcases the resilience of the crypto industry.

As BlockFi continues to pursue its legal actions and wind down its operations, the crypto community will be watching closely to see how the company’s recovery unfolds. This chapter in BlockFi’s history serves as a reminder of the dynamic and adaptable nature of the crypto industry, where companies overcome challenges and emerge stronger.

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